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Funeral Costs

Costs and expenses associated with a funeral service and disposition are as varied as the funeral options discussed above. Costs are directly dependent on the choices each individual family makes. You will only be charged for the services and merchandise you select.


In addition to charges made by the funeral home for our services and merchandise, other parties involved will have expenses including opening/closing of the grave, crematory charge, newspaper obituaries, honorariums for minister and musicians, floral tributes, certified copies of the death certificate, luncheon following services, and additional transportation charges if the death occurs outside our service area. These charges vary dependent on the provider chosen as well as the specific wishes and desires of each individual family. At the time of funeral arrangements, we will provide you with a copy of General Price List, Casket Price List, Outer Burial Container/Vault Price List, and an itemized statement reflecting all charges involved to complete your desired services and disposition.

Per Federal Trade Commission law, our specific charges for service and merchandise options are available by contacting our office either in person at 134 N. Stevens Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin - 54501 or by telephone at (715) 369-1414. We can also provide you with cost guidelines for specific cemeteries in our area as well as estimates for other cash advance items. When comparing costs between funeral homes, it is very important to understand specifically what each firm is quoting you. Does their quote include ALL charges including cemetery or crematory charges or are they only relaying the charges made by the funeral home for their own specific charges? As a consumer, it is your right to receive a written copy of each firm’s General Price List, Casket Price List, and Outer Burial Container Price List.

Carlson Funeral Service, Inc. has built a strong reputation for honesty and fairness regarding the charges we make for funeral services and merchandise. According to feedback from surveys sent to families following arrangements with our firm, the majority of respondents express that charges were as expected or lower than expected for the services and merchandise they selected. In today’s continually challenging business world, we work hard to control the costs of the services and merchandise we offer while balancing considerations to provide quality and up to date facilities and equipment and to ensure that our family will be here to serve you today and for many years to come. When you choose Carlson Funeral Service, you can expect unquestionable integrity in regard to charges and payment for services and merchandise. In addition, you can expect the freedom and support to make decisions that best meet the needs of your personal values and desires. You should expect nothing less from your funeral director.